Lost Souls Volume 4

Lost Souls Volume 4 CD

Lost Souls Volume 4 LP
Lost Souls Volume 4 features ALL unreleased tracks from the heyday of garage and psychedelic rock in Arkansas from 1965-1968. Lost Souls Volume 4 mines unknown and rare gems from even deeper into the vault of Arkansas. 90% originals and 100% uncomped. You have NEVER heard these tunes before, which have been hidden on acetates and tapes on the brink of extinction. Lost Souls Volume 4 features acetate contributions by Joey D, Mark Taylor, and Barry Wickham in addtion to discoveries by Harold Ott for Psych of the South records. A 16 page booklet provides info and pictures to check out while you listen to the 22 undiscovered songs gathered here.

Lost Souls Volume 4
(Psych of the South 4505)

01. The Federal Union - Can't Stop, Can't Go
02. The Stepin' Stones - I Pity People
03. The Vipers - She Just Goes Her Way
04. The Vipers - My Love is Gone
05. The Federal Union - I Really Need You
06. The Coachmen - Tears of Blue
07. The Barons - That's What I Need Your Love For
08. The Federal Union - Can't Stop, Can't Go (version 2)
09. Steppendog - I'm Feeling Down
10. The Vipers - So Excited
11. The Vipers - Time
12. The Federal Union - A Day Without Time
13. The Villigers - I'll Call You
14. The Loved Ones - Please Send Her
15. Unknown - In My Place
16. The Barons - You're My Girl
17. The Tuesday Blues - Please Don't Go
18. The Sons of Soul - I Don't Believe
19. The Stepin' Stones - Don't Let the Weekend End
20. The Loved Ones - I'm Alone
21. Barnsley & Bradley - Sister of Wisdom
22. The Vipers - Climax


The Lost Souls series has maintained a high standard throughout its run, digging up the rarest of the rare artifacts from the ‘60s South, and presenting them with substance and style. There’s no decline in quality on Volume 4, only an incline in the degree of rarity. All 22 tracks here are previously unreleased, existing only on old tape reels or studio acetates, many of them from Little Rock’s Jaggars Recording Studio, whose acetate labels declare “THIS RECORD CUT WITH HOT STYLUS.” The “hot stylus” sounds on tap here include four cuts by the Federal Union, including two versions of the first rate, thumping “Can’t Stop, Can’t Let Go,” one boasting some finger-scrabbling “Mystic Eyes” inspired lead guitar. The Stepin’ [sic] Stones deliver a plaintive teen jangler “I Pity People,” the Coachmen’s “Tears of Blue” is a sublime Zombies-like ballad (an earlier take than the one later issued on MY), as is the Barons’ wrist-slashingly melancholic “That’s What I Need Your Love For.” For those in need of hardier fare, look no further than the awesomely-named Steppendog and their raunched-up, fuzz-laced “I’m Feeling Down” or the Vipers’ “So Excited,” an archetypal, organ-fueled punker with revved-up “You’re Gonna Miss Me” chords and screaming vocals. “So Excited” is the best of five cuts culled from a 1966 home recording of that group, which also includes the melodic winner “She Just Goes Her Way” and the driving “My Love is Gone.” Cover models the Villigers [sic] and The Tuesday Blues both make return appearances, and what would a compilation of ‘60s garage acetates be without at least one “Unknown” artist, in this case a somewhat muffled but nevertheless enjoyable minor-key, organ-enhanced mover called “In My Place.” Given the degraded source material of some of these tracks, fidelity is sometimes several leagues below “master tape” quality (especially towards the end of the CD), but for lovers of rough’n’ready garage rock rarities that’s hardly an issue. As always, Lost Souls comes packaged with a thick booklet featuring full liner notes and some great, previously unseen band photos. (MS)
Mike Stax, Ugly Things Apr 12, 2013

There is always for a bit of Garage around here and these three releases have got all kinds from snotty fuzz-filled craziness, to softer Psych Ballads and all points in between, the quality generally high and the actual sounds ranging from studio productions to scratchy acetates, just as they should.
Subtitled “Unreleased 1960's Garage and Psychedelic Rock from Arkansas” The Lost Souls comp (www.psychofthesouth.com) features 15 bands and a whole array of styles within its grooves. It amazes me how much music seems to have been made in garages in the late sixties and the fact that volume 4 is comparative with volume 1 in terms of quality is also a wonder to me.
Opening in fine style The Federal Union have plenty of attitude on “Can't Stop, Can't Go”, something they maintain on the other three tracks of theirs that are scattered across the disc. Crackly in nature, The Stepin' Stones sound like early Stones on “I Pity People” whilst The Vipers prove themselves an excellent combo having five tracks on the disc with the gritty yet catchy “She's Gone” and the organ driven “Time” being the pick of the bunch for me. Elsewhere The Coachmen offer a slice of sixties pop with the lovely “Tears of Blue”, Steppendog have plenty of fuzz and a strange vocal style on “I'm Feeling Down” and The Loved Ones soind like Love on the excellent “Please Send Her”. Throughout the disc there is plenty of variation, sing-a-long moments and the occasional wig-out, what more could you want really.
Whilst Arkansas had plenty of melody it seems Australia needed to rock with the guitar turned up loud on practically every track on “Down Under Nuggets” a collection of Garage/Psych tunes from 1965-1967, but you had already guessed that I imagine.
-Terrascope Online 9/2013