Psych of the South was founded in 2006 when a few kids from Arkansas decided to research psychedelic rock bands in the south. From these efforts, the crew tracked down band members of Arkansas bands, hanging out, reminiscing, and fact finding. The results from this research will be available to the masses as soon as it's ready. will showcase the music through streaming download and answer questions through the Psych of the South forum. Here's a little information on the founding members.


Harold Ott - Harold is the founder and primary researcher of Psych of the South and has become well-known within the music trading community. Harold Ott on Facebook


Cliff Farmer - Cliff is a long-time friend with Harold and the Ott family. He is the video editing and technical guru of Psych of the South.

Rachel Ott - Rachel is sister to Harold and has created the organization's website and image, while maintaining public relations with all the Psych of the South band contacts.