Alley Records - Discography (Jonesboro, Arkansas)

Alley records was operated by Joe Lee in Jonesboro, Arkansas throughout the 1960s and beyond. Arkansas Twist was released in 1962 and became a regional hit. The label was based out of Lee's Variety Recording studio, where he recorded a cross section of styles that existed in the area including everything from psychedelic rock to bluegrass.

Alley 1001
Bobby Lee Trammell

Arkansas Twist / It's All Your Fault

Alley 1002
Billy J. Smith

Old Number Nine / Love Tangle

Alley 1003
The Cotillions
Surf Twist / Sahara
Alley 1004
Bobby Lee Trammell
I Tried to Cry / Come On Baby
Alley 1005
Joe Cyr
Too Wild to Tame / Man in the Moon
Alley 1006
Jim Thompson
Oxford March / Ballad of Ole Miss
Alley 1007
Joan Conrad
Gee Golly the Holly / Christmas Day
Alley 1008
Susan & Teri
Alibis / Don't Send Your Love Away
Alley 1009
The Folk Swingers
Sourwood Mountain / Waterfall
Alley 1010
The Joe Lee Combo
Black Eyed Peas / Tuxedo Junction


Paul Lovelace
Dedicated to the One I Love / Summertown
Alley 1012
Larry Donn
One Broken Heart / I'll Never Forget You
Alley 1013
The Pacers
Skeeter Dope / Con-Found-It
Alley 1014
The Joe Lee Combo
Sincerely / Sweet and Lovely
Alley 1015
Joe Lee
Lazy Gal / Susan Melinda Jane Brown
Alley 1016
Joe Lee
They Lied About You / Arkansas Gal
Alley 1017
Ray Coble
Night Life / Better Run Susie
Alley 1018
Terry Ray Bradley
Red Hair and Green Eyes / Herself
Alley 1019
Donna Slater
Let Her Go / Hello Stranger
Alley 1020
Diana Sadler
It Broke My Heart in Two / Rubber Dolly
Alley 1021
Jesse Mobley
Little Minnie / Time Don't Stand Still
Alley 1022
Joe Lee & His Combo
Stagger Lee / Too Much Blues
Alley 1023
The Esquires
Sadie's Ways / Big Thing
Alley 1024
Bonnie Whitaker / The Whitaker Sisters
He's the One / I Don't Love You Anymore
Alley 1025
Ray Coble
Lonely Nights / Divorce
Alley 1026
The Wagoner Brothers
She'll Be Home Tonight / Feeling Bad
Alley 1027
Don Norviel & the Visions
Little Latin Lupe Lu / Forgive Me
Alley 1028
Kenny Owens
Traveling on Her Mind / Oh, How I Miss You
Alley 1029
Joe Ross
I'm the Man to See / You Can't Forget
Alley 1030
Dick Kail
On & On / Gather Your Dreams
Alley 1031
Johnny Perrin
You Don't Give It Back / I Was a Fool
Alley 1032
Joe Ross
Old Tow Sack / That Time & Place
Alley 1033
Jimmy Payne
A Dirty War / I'll Cry Instead
Alley 1034
Miss Billie Walker
I Lost You / Road of Sorrow
Alley 1040
Jimmy Doyle Payne
Pen, Pencil, & Telephone / Sweet Little Sixteen
Alley 1041
Donna Kaye
Speak Up / I Would Move a Mountain
Alley 1042
The Newcastle Blues
Cotton's Mama / Walkin the Dog
Alley 1043
Chuck Bell
I'm Gonna Get You Girl / Summer Whispers
Alley 1044
Bobby Reidhar
I Wonder Why / Let Those Tears Burn Our Eyes
Alley 1045
The Uptights
Just a Dream / Look a Little Higher
Alley 1046
Ray Coble
The Big Letdown / The Difference Between Going and Really Gone
Alley 1047
Jimmy Payne
I'll Get Over You / Joe's Forgettin' Glass
Alley 1048
Frank Francis
Gonna Take the Long Way Home / Funny Thing
Alley 1049
Purple Canteen

Brains In My Feet / If You Like it That Way

Alley 1050
Bobby Lee Trammell
If You Ever Get it Once (You Gonna' Want It Agin') / Don't You Know I Love You
Alley 1052
Mary Jane Reese
Rain on My Window / Too Late Feeling
Alley 1053
LD Mitchell & the Amalgamated Taxi Cab Service
Planet of Union / Roses, Roses
Alley 1054
Lynn & Melba Jean
Sick & Tired / Hide A Ways
Alley 1055
King Joseph & the Hunters
Eat More Possum / Susan Melinda Jane Brown
Alley 1055
Glenda Cambron
A Quiet Kind of Love / I Love Jerry, Too
Alley 1056
Luci Jones
Running Second / Mama's Friend Gin
Alley 1057
Ramon Taylor
Big Sam / Picking This Old Guitar
Alley 1058
Ike Noble
That's What I Get / It's Bad
Alley 1062
Ramon Taylor
She Just Likes to Hear Me Talk / Be Alive
Alley 1063
Gene Walton
Break on Through / One Dream
Alley 1064
Little Herbie Mayes & the Twisters
I See My Darling / Maybelline
Alley 1065
Aaron Love
I'm Gonna Love You / I'm Coming Down Mama
Alley 1099
Gene Walton
Hello Joesphine / Ballad of Wayne Cryts
Alley 2001
Shady Hill
Old Porch Swing / Ida's Shoe