Continental Records

Little is known about Continental Records or its artists, including the garage bands the Paupers, the Marc IV, and Sunset Society, making it one of Arkansas' most mysterious labels. If anyone recognizes an artist or one of these records please contact Harold Ott at

Continental (known discography)

Continental CS 104 Marc IV Now I'm Free/Hi Ho Silver
Continental CS 105 The Paupers Searching For Someone/For Your Love
Continental CEP 106 The Paupers Just a Little/Gloria/96 Tears/Louie, Louie


Continental CS 108


Sunset Society Land of Make Believe/Peanut Butter
Continental CS 197 Don Bowdle & the Country Song Boys You Gave Me a Mountain/Going Home
Continental CS 201   David Barron and His Guitar Country Rock/?
Continental CS 211 Harold Morgan White Lightening/The Long Black Veil
Continental CS 218 Dwight and Shirley Barnett Mama Sang a Song/The Third Man

I spoke to Harold Morgan who shared his memories about the record below.

Harold Morgan - White Lightning - Paragould, AR
Continental Records - Recorded at Rimrock - Concord, AR 1968
Harold Morgan-acoustic guitar,vocals; Randy Dunlap-lead guitar;
Jimmy Hicks-rhythm guitar; Sammy McDaniel-drums; Winfred
Parker-bass; This 45 was produced as a commercial to get the
band more gigs. They also sold many of the 500 pressing at their
regular shows at area honky tonks. They picked up the fuzz
wah-wah pedal heard on this track at a music store in Memphis.
No one else around had this wild sound and many people wondered
what instrument was making that racket. They liked it because it resembled the sound Marty Robbins got out of his ripped speaker in "Don't Worry About Me." The group later incorporated an Echoplex tape loop into their performances.