Links for Lost Souls:

The Psych of the South Myspace page - add us as a friend.

Garage Hangover - POTS website linked on The Romans article.

G45 Forums topic dedicated to the CD.

Garagepunk Forums V2 topic dedicated to the CD:

DCD Records Blog entry song sample of Lost Souls My Girl and Barefacts Tell Me

WNYU - Plastic Tales from the Marshmallow Dimension - link in their label list

Memphis Music Confidentail Blog - Lost Souls

Beyond the Beat Generation - Xciters Post

KAAY 1090 Blog - Entry

Searchin' For Shakes entry Blog link page- RUSSIA

Beyond the Beat Generation links

The Lost Souls Vol. 1 CD Baby page - LOTS of song samples.

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Radio links - Lost Souls on the AIR :

WITR - Whole Lotta Shakin' - Rochester, NY - Lost Souls Vol. 1 is #1 for Septmeber '08!

WFMU - Music to Spazz By - Dave the Spazz - The Blue and the Gray

WFMU - Teenage Wasteland - Bill Kelly -Roustabouts, Vycounts, and Coachmen

Stoned Circus FRANCE - Yardleys, Trouble Bros., Purple Canteen

KDVS - Kicksville 29 BC Davis, CA 1/20/08 - The Coachmen

KDVS - Kicksville 29 BC Davis, CA 2/3/08 - LD Mitchell, Marion Deaton Group

KDVS - The Offshore Broadcast - Davis, CA - Richard the K - 3/5/08 - Marion Deaton Group

KDVS - Kicksville 29 BC Davis, CA 2/17/08 - Xciters

KDVS - Coral Bits - Davis, CA - DJ Kelp - 2/18/08 - The Shades feat Bob Fly, Trouble Bros

KDVS - Kicksville 29 BC - Davis, CA - 1/27/08 - Tim Matranga - Xciters

KDVS - Kicksville 29 BC - Davis, CA - 2/24/08 - Tim Mataranga - The Lost Souls

WMUC - Electric Candle radio show College Park, MD - 2/9/08 The Sole Society

WMUC - Electric Candle - College Park, MD - 3/29/08 - The Sole Society, The Yardleys

KDHX - Afternoon Delight - Jeff Hess - St. Louis, MO - Trouble Bros.

KDHX - Afternoon Delight - Jeff Hess - 3/12/08 - St. Louis, MO - The Shades feat Bob Fly

KDHX - Afternoon Delight - Jeff Hess - 3/26/08 - St. Louis, MO - Lost Souls

KHDX - Sound Salvation - St. Louis, MO - Steve Pick - The Blue and the Gray *he also makes a comment - "I'm certainly intrigued that there can still be garage psychedelia 45s being unearthed, and that 29 of them could be found from just the state of Arkansas. Gotta hear what was going on back when the Clintons were growing up."-----------Thanks Steve!

KXLU - She Comes in Colours Los Angeles, CA

WSCA - Eggman's Metaphysical Circus Portsmouth, NH

Intoxica Radio with Howie Pyro Internet Radio - CA

WXDU - Who's Got the Cuckoo? Durham, NC

Distributors for the Lost Souls Vol. 1 CD:

Get Hip Records

DCD Records

Break-A-Way Records

Stores selling the CD:

Goner Records - Memphis, TN

Subliminal Sounds Mail Order SWEDEN

System Records UK

Bomp! Mailorder - Burbank, CA

Shangri La Records - Memphis, TN

Arkansas Record & CD Exchange North Little Rock, AR

Been Around Records Little Rock, AR

Amazon US

Heyday Mailorder ENGLAND

Lucchini Records ITALY



Copasetic Mail Order GERMANY

Shiny Beast Mail Order NETHERLANDS

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