OPEN CALL - Collectors, Musicians, Traders, etc.

If you were in a late 1960s rock band in the south or if you are a collector willing to trade music, please contact us.

We're looking for music, pictures, film, stories, etc.- anything you have. We travel for the right stuff that cannot leave home (negatives, film, reels, etc.). The wealth of our trading stash lies in music and pictures.

For collectors, we have psychedelic, garage, and underground music from all corners of the earth to trade for southern music of the same genres. Please join our forum and contact us to arrange trading.

For musicians, even if you do not have an existing 45 RPM or recorded song, documenting your story is important to us. Please allow us the opportunity to preserve the history of your band through Psych of the South and our other efforts. You did not have to claim local, regional, or national fame to draw our attention - We want to hear from everyone.

Please contact us, and we'll do the rest. Follow the contact link to the left.