We have amassed an ever-increasing collection of photos from southern garage, underground, and psychedelic bands. On this page, we will rotate out a selection of photos, each with a brief description. Regarding the unknown bands, if you have an inkling of who any may be, please let us know! Click thumbnails below for a high resolution image.


Lost Souls Vol. 1 - These are all photos related to the Lost Souls CD featuring newly discovered gems from the garage/psych era of Arkansas.



Photos of Recent Band Reunions
The Coachmen Play at the Hall High School Class of 1967 40-Year Reunion, September 22, 2007
The Coachmen rock it out at the River Market Pavilion, Little Rock, Arkansas.
The Coachmen reunite for a packed Hall High School 40-year reunion to only play songs from the era and songs from their two 45 RPM singles: Jamie/Stand By Me - Little Rock Sound - 1966
I've Had Enough/Tears of Blue - MY - 1967

Dave Mayo, vocals & bass, original member of the Coachmen.
Buck McArthur, lead guitar, original member of The Coachmen.
Buck McArthur, lead guitar, original member of The Coachmen.
Steve Hockersmith, drums, original member of The Coachmen.
Tom Roberts, rhythm guitar, original member of The Coachmen
Jimmy Pearsall, bass & percussion.
Jim Orahood, percussion, original drummer for the Culls, who also
recorded on the MY label with a stunning cover of the Pretty Things'
"Midnight to Six Man"

Joe Marchese, keyboards, of Sole Society (featured on the cover of the
upcoming Lost Souls CD) and Blackfoot which closes the Lost Souls CD
with the heavy "Bummed Out" - Joe currently plays with the Rockets.

Betty Brinkley (now Betty Harrison), original Coachmen go-go dancer.
Barbara Rush (now Barbara Langhammer), original Coachmen go-go dancer.
Betty and Barbara in their original Coachmen go-go outfits, still looking fabulous with all their dance moves in sync.
The way they were! The Coachmen at the World's Fair 1965.
The Playboys play Pine Bluff High School's Class of 1962 45-year reunion on August 25, 2007
The Playboys were a popular Pine Bluff groups in the early 60s.  Comprised of high school students, they played prolifically around Arkansas.  Several members graduated in ’62, but the band continued with a new lineup featuring legendary front man, Tommy Riggs.
Jack Hendrix, original member of The Playboys.
The Playboys played songs of the era and their cover of Ooh Poo Pah Doo, as released on their 45 RPM recorded Sun Studios and released on Vee-Eight in 1962.

Pine Bluff class members mixed it up on the dance floor in honor of The Playboys. To see more reunion photos, check out the Pine Bluff Class of 1962.

The way they were! The original lineup of the Playboys at the Tac House, 1962.
The Playboys' final show as the original lineup, August 1962 at the Oakland Club in Pine Bluff.
Photos and Narratives Provided by Band Members

The Stormy Souls - 1967.
by Thumper Sweeney, guitarist.
"Here is my first band, The Stormy Souls. The pic is at the youth center in North Little Rock (Arkansas). The shot was taken at the North Little Rock Youth Center at a dance we were playing on Valentines Day 1967. The players from left to right are David / keyboards from Jacksonville, Dickey Allen/vocals, Allen Sihaver/vocals, John Garner/vocals, in the back Bruce Fleming/drums, Thumper Sweeney/guitar, Steve Herrington /guitar, and I can't recall the bass players name. Excluding the keyboard player, we all were from North Little Rock / Dogtown. We were together from 1963 till this year 1967 when I gradated from high school and went off to college and started Rock Creek Reunion. We did cover songs things like Turn on Your Lovelights, Hit the Road Jack allot of R&B stuff. We had the Three Dog Night idea of three front men about three years prior to them. I remember that rig I had a custom Epiphone guitar and a Fender Dual Showman amp. "

The Merging Traffic - Original Lineup.
Furnished by Thumper Sweeney, guitarist.

The Merging Traffic - Final Lineup.
Furnished by Thumper Sweeney, guitarist.

"I played in the last edition of the Merging Traffic which was a local act. The players are from left to right on the top row, Doug Duffey / vocals&keyboards, Don Garrett /vocals&bass, Thumper Sweeney / vocals & guitar, Mike Moranga / vocals & drums. The bottom row left to right Bill Dunn, vocals, keyboards, sax & flute, Gary Hall / vocals & sax. Gary was the only member from the original band that started in the 60's."

Rock Creek Reunion
Furnished by Thumper Sweeney, guitarist.

"My name is Thumper Sweeney, and I was the guitar player in the band. Bob Evans and myself formed the band. I was there from the start and thru the evolution of the group. "

The Culls (at the Baldwin Farm)
Furnished by Mike Anders a.ka. PractiCull, rhythm guitar.
The pic on your 'photos' tab is The Culls playing the Beta Club Assembly at LR Hall High in 1968, our second time to play that venue.  We were pretty darned good in ’67 but in ’68 Dan Kenner (RadiCull), our lead guitar and musical mastermind (he’s a talented genius), had scored music for the nine(?) piece horn section that backed us up.  We should call that The Cull-Warrior Band as the horn players were recruited from the Hall marching band. Pretty cool that they got that spotlight and moment in the sun in front of the student body. That’s the late Dub Elrod (EthiCull) far left with the horn-rimmed glasses and Fender Jazz bass.  We miss Dubby."

The Culls (playing at the Jewish Youth Club)
Furnished by Mike Anders a.ka. PractiCull, rhythm guitar.

The Culls (playing at Pine Bluff, Arkansas)
Furnished by Mike Anders a.ka. PractiCull, rhythm guitar.

The Culls (playing at Pine Bluff, Arkansas)
Furnished by Mike Anders a.ka. PractiCull, rhythm guitar.

The Culls (trailer)
Furnished by Mike Anders a.ka. PractiCull, rhythm guitar.
The Culls (reunited at Rivermarket in Little Rock for the Little Rock Sounds release)
Furnished by Mike Anders a.ka. PractiCull, rhythm guitar.
More Folks who Contacted Us

The Brymers
Dick Lee

"I am the drummer for a group called The Brymers (1962-1967) from central California.  One of our recordings (Sacrifice) has been on numerous compilation LP's and CD's for years.  All original members of the group recently completed a recording session (March - 2007) in central California.  The tracks are new and original. They contain that 1960's vintage feel (i.e. fuzz guitar, Hammond B3, harmonica, wild leads, and Wolfman Jack)."

Want to know more? Buy their CD at 60sgaragebands.com.

The Ancestors

Edward Tanner

"I have been playing in bands since 1964.  My first band, The Ancestors (www.theancestors.com), while not strictly psychedelic, did Doors, Hendrix, Mothers of Invention, The Who, Sgt. Pepper's Beatles...with various homemade lighting stuff...colored strobe, showing movies.  In rural Georgia 1966-1968, this was radical stuff. On and off since 1977, I have been in Cruis-O-Matic.  We play Electric Prunes, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Hendrix, Seeds, etc.  Great songs.  We will be at Goodstock 2007 with the Prunes and Seeds in July.  Check out www.cruis-o-matic.com, also.  We (The Ancestors) were the first or second band on the myfirstband site and (Cruis-O-Matic)probably the only band to open for The Sex Pistols and a (former) Beatle."

E. Bartlett

Mark Johnson

I was the drummer with E. Bartlett at the time we moved from LR to Memphis. 1971? The other players: Grady Trimble-lead guitar (Grady and I were partners in Johnson-Trimble Studios in Hillcrest in LR from 1979 until 1984, when I sold him my interest.) Allen Branton- Saxophone (Allen was the band's manager and left to work first for Showco in Dallas. Later he became an independent lighting director, and even won an Emmy for the work  he did on a Diana Ross special. He has become the most "famous" from E. Bartlett. Peter Richardson- vocals and keyboards
Wain Bradley- bass Don Swearingen- keyboards

They replaced me with Schoff Beavers (also from LR) and I returned to LR. A record deal came from Mercury Records and the band changed the name to Leviathon. 10-CC was signed to that label and had a hit with "I'm Not in Love" at the same time. 10-CC attracted most of the labels promo buget for new acts, and Leviathon eventually disbanded.

Upon my return to LR I joined Snickers, and we enjoyed a long period as the house band at the LR Hilton. Next, I played with Gibraltar, which was a very good group, too.


The Stormy Souls
Rock Creek Reunion
Merging Traffic

Duffey's Plantation Band
Southern Mother

Thumper Sweeney

"I remember I had a custom Epiphone guitar and a Fender Dual Showman amp. Won a bet with my parents and they had to payup large. My mother talked about losing the bet till her dying day. What was the bet? I picked up guitar when I was 14. I bought a used Silvertone guitar&amp built in the case from my neighbor. I was teaching myself and making my parent crazy. So one day my parents come to me and offer me a bet. They say if you are going to play guitar you need to learn how to do it correctly. So if you take lesson from a professional and learn to read music and you can prove to us you have done it right, we will buy you any guitar and amp you want. So off to lessons I go. They are very surprised that soon I came home and asked them what songs they would want to hear me play. They tell me, and the next week I would come home pull out the sheet music and play Stormy Monday, the original jazz version. This goes on for a year, and they are impressed with my guitar playing. Then I come home and tell them that I just won the bet. They are like what are you talking about. I say you need to call the studio where I have been taking lessons for the last year and talk to the owner Joe Brandt. Why? Well since I am underage, only 15, he needs your permission to hire me as the youngest instructor he has ever had. It blew them out the door. They paid and were very pleased to see there son was doing so great. I picked the guitar because it was the one the guitar player for Paul Revere and the Raiders played, and the amp was the biggest and the loudest made at the time. Boy, did they regret that later when I got into Hendrix."


Newspaper / Yearbook Photos of Identified Bands

The Romans - 1966 Newspaper Clipping. Little Rock, Arkansas.

Don Saulters and an Unknown Band - 1966 Yearbook Clipping. Little Rock Arkansas.

The Playboys (crowd at Homecoming Dance) - 1966. Little Rock, Arkansas.

Rock Creek Reunion - 1970. Little Rock, AR.
Newspaper / Yearbook Photos of Unidentified Bands

Unknown Band - 1966 Yearbook Clipping. Jacksonville, Arkansas.
This band was first listed as The Coachmen; however, Buck McArthur of The Coachmen confirmed they did not have equipment like that. It is not a match, so this one remains unknown.

Unknown band - 1971. Little Rock, Arkansas.

Unknown band - 1970. Little Rock, Arkansas.
Dead on Arrival Photos

Dead on Arrival Volkswagen Bug - 1969 Reportedly all of DOA's equipment could be crammed in the VW, allowing enough space for Paco (the rest of the band rode separate).
 Mike Hubrel of Dead on Arrival - 2006 at Nelly's Tex-Mex Bar in Texarkana, Arkansas. Singing DOA's Run, Hide, Get Away.

 Mike Hubrel of Dead on Arrival - Same night.

 Mike Hubrel of Dead on Arrival - Same night.
Miscellaneous Arkansas-based 60s Photos
KAAY Beaker Street Early Promotional Poster - Clyde Clifford. Date approximate: 1971.
Moses Record Store - 45 RPM Record Bag. Major music store in Little Rock, and a site of many local band promotions in the 1960s.