I was recently contacted by Michael Straughan about his 60s garage group from Arkansas

The Swinging Sensations

The Swinging Sensations 1967. LtoR Michael Straughan trumpet, guitar, vocals - Rick McAdory drums, vocals - seated Larry Raper Hammond Organ, vocals - standing Steven Hicks lead gutar - Bill Killian bass, vocals.

We were from all over the place. Benton, Lonoke, Carlisle, and Tollville. No recordings, although I wish we had. We played Lake Nixon, Youth Centers, Private Parties, Fraternity Parties, Country Clubs and some of the night club circuit in Arkansas (Club 70, 11-70, .....). We often advertised our dances on KAAY - 1090 here in LR. We were one of the few that were crazy enought to haul around a Hammond organ and Leslie in that era. Did a lot of soul music, Rascals, Chicago. - Michael Straughan